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Why to Get a Working Holiday Visa for Australia in 2022

Every young person deserves the opportunity to travel and see the world. While you could backpack across France or take a Mediterranian boat tour, the best way to truly immerse yourself in a culture and gain valuable life experience is with a working vacation. Why limit yourself purely to tourist experiences when the most valuable experiences also help you develop as a professional as well? Build your resume, explore the cities and countrysides, and try new work experiences that broaden your horizons and your earning capacity. Not to mention funding your own adventures with jobs along the way.

This year, Australia is proud to welcome young people between 18 and 30 to join us with a working holiday visa. Let’s dive into some of the best reasons to get a working holiday visa for Australia in 2022.

Make Your Gap Year Unforgettable

Many students take a gap year between high school and college, between undergrad and graduate school, or between graduate school and their doctoral program. Gap years are often considered an essential part of both work experience and mental health when you have been living and breathing higher education. The Working Holiday Visa for Australia lasts for one year, inviting young people to explore the wonders of our glittering cities and unique wilderness while taking one or several jobs along the way.

In Australia, you can surf the beaches, hike the Outback, and gain invaluable work experience in every possible career path. Whether you want to spend the year bartending along the coast, learning to be a scuba instructor, or diving into your first serious corporate job, your gap year is sure to be unforgettable.

On a Working Holiday, the Fun and Funds Never Stop

If your goal is to travel and enjoy Australia, the benefit of a working holiday visa is that the fun never has to stop. You’re not limited to spending only from savings, or from money sent by family. With a working holiday visa in 2022, you can get a job anywhere in Australia to fund your adventures, whether you work steadily or enjoy a variety pack of temporary jobs along the way.

Build Your International Career Experience

For many young people, having worked out of the country at least once is essential to building a strong resume in your home country and for international work in the future. A working holiday visa for Australia gives you the opportunity to build that international career experience. Make it clear early in your professional career that you have the skills, language ability, and business savvy to handle international work.  Your future employers will see this experience and know that your potential is not limited just to where you were born or which schools you have attended. You’ll be ready to build an international career with international clients and coworkers.

Start a Foundation for Life in Australia

For young people hoping to eventually move to Australia, a working holiday visa is the perfect way to get started. Begin building your life here with work experience and a network of friends and resources when you make the permanent switch. Working holiday visas start at one year, but you can renew them for a stay of up to 3 years. For many, this is plenty of time to establish a life in Australia, build a career here, and prepare the right documents for a more long-term move to our beautiful and lively nation.

Make New Friends from All Over the World

When you get a working holiday visa for Australia in 2022, you won’t be alone. Australia is inviting thousands of young people to explore work opportunities and holiday adventures here. Between students going to school in Australia, professionals on work visas, and local Australian young people – you’re sure to find an incredible group of new friends from all over the world. These friends may become lifetime mates, valuable members of your professional network, and people with whom you’ll share adventures none of you will ever forget.

Extend Your Stay or Come Back Next Year

Finally, the fun doesn’t have to stop after one year. Renew your working holiday visa for Australia up to two times, for a total of three years, if you love it here during the first year. Build a life, start your career, and see corners of the world you’ve never seen before with a working holiday visa in Australia for 2022.

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