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things to do in brisbane

8 Cool Things to Do in Brisbane

Growing up in Melbourne, Brisbane was always little more than the place down the road from the beaches, resorts and fun parks of the Gold Coast, of which Melbournians were quite fond. But then...
What to do sydney backpackers

10 Things to Do in Sydney After You’ve Seen the Opera House

If you only had 30 minutes to spend in Sydney, you’d probably walk around Circular Quay and take photos of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. But for anyone spending longer than that in...
happy hour melbourne australia

The Cheapest Drinks in the Happiest Hours of Melbourne

People often stereotype working holiday-makers with statements about how they like to drink. We know this is an offensive generalisation and not in the least bit true. A more reasonable and truthful statement that...
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Working in AUstralia

How to Handle Alcohol All over Australia: Getting an RSA Certificate

There are a lot of reasons why bar work is such a popular option for Working Holiday Makers: there’s plenty of it about in...

8 Important Things to Know to Avoid Workplace Exploitation

Working holiday makers on 417 visas have been vulnerable to exploitation in a range of industries. In 2016 the Fair Work Ombudsman released the...

Free Beer, Food and Toilet Paper! Temptations in the Workplace

The challenges of managing ever dwindling funds are something all travellers can relate to. The need to find cheap or, even better, free, food can be...
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