7 Things to Prepare before Traveling to Australia in 2022 on a Working Holiday Visa


If you’re looking to travel to Australia on a working holiday visa, you’ll need to ensure everything is in place for the trip. You’ll be moving to a new environment with different regulations and requirements, creating the need to prepare in advance for a successful trip.

Here are seven things to consider before traveling to Australia on a working holiday visa in 2022:

1.      Apply for Working Holiday Visa In Advance

This may seem obvious, but you cannot travel to Australia, and many other countries, without an electronic working Visa. To apply for Visa, create an account with the Australian Department of Affairs and fill out an online application form.

2.      Choose a Location

One benefit of the working holiday is that you get the flexibility to go anywhere you want, and enjoy your trip to the full, or you can opt to stay in a single location and work full time. You can get a suitable working holiday by settling in a specific place for a certain period. Also, you may work 9-5 on the beach and later visit the park lawn when the sun goes down.

Remember, Australia is unique and has expansive deserts, so you may take longer than expected when moving from one town to another. Sydney is one city where you can enjoy a holiday due to the natural scenery and mountains. You can also visit Melbourne, which has tons of live music, food, and vibes.

3.      Prepare for the Weather

There are specific parts of the country that snow, like Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales. Other parts are hot and humid at the end of the year. You should research and check the weather forecast before you settle for regions to visit. Prepare for extreme weather to avoid sunburn, dehydration, or heat stroke. 

4.      Pack Wisely

Before you pack for an Australian trip, you should be careful with the items you choose to carry. The country is strict on passengers carrying along plant and animal products to protect its landscape and agriculture.

If you aren’t sure about prohibited items, ensure they are checked on arrival; if less risky, they will be returned to you; if not, they are confiscated. In terms of clothing, you should consider light gear because most parts of the country are hot, but you may have cold-weather gear when visiting the mountainous areas.

5.      Get Ready for Strict Quarantine Laws

Australia is a beautiful island with a unique landscape, and it is free from most pests and diseases. The government focuses on maintaining the agricultural industry. When you arrive in the country, you have to declare all the food, plant, and animal products you’ve brought along to ensure you don’t introduce something prohibited.

6.      You will Need a Rental Car

You should also make arrangements for personal transport within the Australian capital because public transport is not allowed, so you need a private vehicle to direct locations. You’ll discover the country is vast, and the only way to discover more is using private means.

7.      Australian Food is diverse

When you think about the country, the staple dish that comes to your mind is sausage, meat pie, and vegemite. There are other options for international foods from China, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. You’ll find unique versions of your favorite dishes and still identify immigrant foods in most restaurants.

Whether you’re a domestic or international visitor in Australia, you need to make the travel hassle-free by preparing in advance. Before you make the trip, apply for a Visa and then select your possible destination. You should prepare for the harsh weather and pack your items wisely. If you need more information, please get in touch with us today.

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