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discomfort zone

Working in the Discomfort Zone

Regardless of how educated or qualified they may be, working holiday makers are often left with little choice but to take on a relatively thankless, low-paying job, be it fruit-picking, waiting tables, washing dishes,...
qualities low skilled jobs

The Personal Qualities of a Quality Person: Applying for Low-Skilled Jobs

One thing Working Holiday Makers don’t have to worry about is being asked that most clichéd of job interview questions: Where do you see yourself in five years? Vowing long-term dedication to a company and committing...
homesickness backpackers

How to Deal with Homesickness When Working Abroad

Homesickness is a natural reaction to being in a foreign country and is something everyone experiences to some degree. We’ve all had moments of taking a glass-half-empty view of a new environment. Most of...

Discover the Four Best Coastal Walks in Sydney

Sydney has this advantage over other metropolitan cities, that wherever you go, there is always something new to discover, such as, beautiful scenery, amazing ocean views and great places to have a walk. There...

Day Trip to Wollongong

The weekend is coming and you feel like a getaway trip far from the city and its crowds? I have a perfect destination to recommend to you. Wollongong is located 81km south of Sydney in...
The-Australian-Rental-Market NEW

The Australian Rental Market

Taking out a lease on a rental property can have a lot of benefits for working holidaymakers: it’s cheaper than staying in a hostel, it’s less crowded, you can choose who you live with...
6-Things-To-Know-About-Riding-Melbourne-Public-Transport NEW

How Melbourne Public Transport Works

Melbourne’s public transport system can be a source of confusion for some visitors to the city. But to be fair, it’s also an ongoing source of confusion for most Melbournians. While we touched on the...

What To Get When You Get To Australia

So you’ve got your money, got your visa, got on a plane, got through customs and finally find yourself on Australian soil, breathing in fresh Australian air and fresh Australian insects. Now what? Of course getting to Australia...

5 Things to Do in Brisbane

A working holiday isn’t just about earning some $$$ - it’s largely about exploring a new place! So to help you out on your travels, we’ve listed the top 5 things you absolutely have...

Why Choose Brisbane?

Brisbane is the capital of the ‘Sunshine State’ (Queensland) and home to over 2 million people.  It is the 3rd largest city and if you are planning on visiting Australia on a working holiday...

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