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things to do in brisbane

8 Cool Things to Do in Brisbane

Growing up in Melbourne, Brisbane was always little more than the place down the road from the beaches, resorts and fun parks of the Gold Coast, of which Melbournians were quite fond. But then...
What to do sydney backpackers

10 Things to Do in Sydney After You’ve Seen the Opera House

If you only had 30 minutes to spend in Sydney, you’d probably walk around Circular Quay and take photos of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. But for anyone spending longer than that in...
happy hour melbourne australia

The Cheapest Drinks in the Happiest Hours of Melbourne

People often stereotype working holiday-makers with statements about how they like to drink. We know this is an offensive generalisation and not in the least bit true. A more reasonable and truthful statement that...
things to do melbourne

8 Very Melbourne Things to Do with Melbourne People in Melbourne

Descriptions of Melbourne invariably mention two things: laneways and coffee, which is odd, as both those things can be found in practically every city in the world. So what is it about Melbourne that...

Adelaide for Backpackers

Adelaide is the capital and main city of South Australia and the 5th largest Australian city. It has been proclaimed in 1836 in Glenelg, which is now a well-known seaside suburb of Adelaide. This...
The 11 Best Annual Events in Sydney

The 11 Best Annual Events in Sydney

We’ve collected for you the most popular annual events to attend when living in Sydney. If you’re planning to stay in Australia for 1 year (or more), you’ll be lucky enough to experience all...

Exploring Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Like a lot of born and bred Australians, there is a lot of my own country I haven’t visited and to be honest, don’t know a lot about. A lot of you working holiday...
discomfort zone

Working in the Discomfort Zone

Regardless of how educated or qualified they may be, working holiday makers are often left with little choice but to take on a relatively thankless, low-paying job, be it fruit-picking, waiting tables, washing dishes,...
qualities low skilled jobs

The Personal Qualities of a Quality Person: Applying for Low-Skilled Jobs

One thing Working Holiday Makers don’t have to worry about is being asked that most clichéd of job interview questions: Where do you see yourself in five years? Vowing long-term dedication to a company and committing...
homesickness backpackers

How to Deal with Homesickness When Working Abroad

Homesickness is a natural reaction to being in a foreign country and is something everyone experiences to some degree. We’ve all had moments of taking a glass-half-empty view of a new environment. Most of...

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