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Tips for Finding a Job in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa

So, you’ve landed in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, blown all your money on travelling, and you’re ready to settle down for a while. Now the small task of finding a job!

As I am on a Working Holiday Visa and currently working in recruitment, I am sometimes asked ‘how do you get a job in Australia?’. Truth is, the answer is different for everybody depending on your skillset and what you are looking for.

Whether you are seeking hospitality work or corporate career development, here are a few tips on how to look for work effectively.

· Use the experience you have

Most employers in Australia, like home, will prefer candidates who have experience in that field. Looking for work in line with what you have done previously is an effective way to start your search. Adapting your resume to display your skills and previous experience is a chance to show employers what they are missing out on – see it is an exciting opportunity to impress the reader.

· Know the law

Being on a Working Holiday Visa in Australia means you are subject to some employment restrictions, including a six-month limit with a single employer. This means that applying for casual, temporary or contract work will be your best bet. If you find the permanent job of your dreams, tempting as it may be, an application will almost certainly end in disappointment.

· Make use of recruitment agencies

Registering with recruitment agencies is a great way to streamline your job search – they offer a free service to help you find work. Recruitment agencies usually have teams that specialise in a range of industries; sending through a resume to a recruiter in your area of interest could save a lot of time and effort. Work through agencies can vary from urgent one-day cover to six-month contracts. If you are immediately available, be ready for anything!

· Consider roles outside your comfort zone

Find an exciting position advertised that’s different from what you have done, but you tick all the boxes? Go for it! Being away in Australia is a great opportunity to gain new experiences, whether travelling the East Coast or trying a new type of job. You never know what you might find in it!

· Be ready to dress to impress

After another day of applying, you’ve finally got an interview locked in for tomorrow morning! Although your comfy elephant pants from Thailand might’ve been great for finding yourself in South-East Asia, they may not be suitable for a corporate interview. Make sure you make a great first impression on your recruiter by having appropriate clothes ready (i.e. if going for office-based work, have smart business wear prepared!)

· Don’t give up on the search

For some, the job search might seem like a breeze. If this isn’t you, don’t be deterred! Finding a job in Australia is a combination of skill and luck; and like everything in life, some are luckier than others. Don’t take rejections to heart and keep on persevering!

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