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Update on the update on the ‘Backpacker Tax’

So we have now an update on the update about the proposed Australian Federal Government’s ‘Backpacker Tax’. You will remember that there was to be a proposal that working holiday makers working in Australia...

Update on ‘Backpacker Tax’ 17 May 2016

The Australian Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Small Business, Kelly O’Dwyer, announced that the so called ‘Backpacker Tax’ is to be put ON HOLD until January 2017. Therefore, this prospective tax will NOT come into...
Australian budget changes for working holiday makers

News from the Australian Federal Budget for Working Holiday Makers

The Australian Federal Budget was handed down on 12 May 2015 by the then Australian Federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey. If you are coming to work in Australia as a working holiday maker from 1...
One in 20 Working Holiday Makers given 457 Visas

One in 20 Working Holiday Makers given 457 Visas

Two-thirds of 457 visa workers have secured jobs that did not have to be advertised to Australians. There has been a long debate about Australia's reliance on overseas workers, and new Immigration Department statistics reveal...
Government Cracking down on the Exploitation of Working Holiday Farm Workers

Australian Government Investigating Exploitation of Working Holiday Farm Workers

Farmers are being warned they could be held liable for the underpayment of workers on their farms, even if they're employed through labour hire companies. The Fair Work Ombudsman is cracking down on the exploitation...

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