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Tips for backpacking around Australia in 2022

It is a great idea to backpack in Australia because it offers some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Go for a hike in the bush or explore an eclectic city. Get a taste of what the outback has to offer. Regardless of your adventures, you’re bound to make memories you won’t forget in Australia. With these backpacking tips for Australia, you will have all the information you need for your trip.

1. What to Prepare For
Applying for your visa is the first step. After applying for the correct visa for the length of your stay in Australia, start researching the many options available. You must plan how you will move around by buses, rentals, or budget airlines.

Find out how far your top travel destinations are from each other to create a schedule and budget that works. It is essential to be flexible and look around for different types of accommodation, including hostels, camps, house sitting, guest houses, and local accommodations.

Here’s another great tip for backpacking in Australia; You can combine accommodation and travel with a campervan, reducing your travel costs.

2. How Much Money You Should Save
Your budget depends on many factors, including the activities you plan to do. Often, travellers take longer trips to make the long flight worthwhile when they travel to Australia, so they need to save and budget accordingly.

As soon as you’ve paid for your flight, depending on your location, it’s time to consider accommodations, food, excursions, visas, and travel insurance. With a budget of about $100 – $150 per day, one should be able to find a hostel, eat, and go on excursions.

Travelling for a more extended time makes flight and transportation more affordable. The emergency cost abroad is likely much higher if you don’t have travel insurance.

If you want to save, you may cut out unnecessary expenses, such as an expensive daily coffee, cigarettes, or unused subscriptions.

3. Where to Visit

Islands of Queensland
In the holidays, backpackers and Aussies alike flock to Queensland. Visit some of the most spectacular places, such as the  Fraser Island or Whitsunday Islands. Whitsunday is the place to go beach camping.

Take a Dive on the Great Barrier Reef
Don’t miss snorkelling or diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Look for a company that permits diving further from the shore to avoid the boat crowds at dive sites closer to shore.

Tour Sydney
There are a variety of things to do in Australia’s largest city. Visit the Opera House, sail across the harbour, cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge, surf at Bondi Beach, hit the clubs at King’s Cross, and explore Darling Harbor.

Offroad in the Outback
It takes some planning to explore the Outback, but you’ll enjoy the endless deserts, starry skies, and campfire nights.

Take a Trip Along the Great Ocean Road
On the Great Ocean Road, Cape Otway offers a scenic route through a forest with waterfalls that are among the best in Australia. The Great Ocean Road provides the best road trips in Australia with scenery, waterfalls, beaches, and rock formations.

4. Places to Avoid
Australia is home to many dangerous animals. In rural areas, be aware of your surroundings, follow your guide’s instructions, and never provoke an animal. Avoiding getting too close to wildlife results in most injuries like snakebites and kangaroo scratches.

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