How Can I Stay in Australia for a Second Year on a 417 Working Holiday Visa?


You’ve had an absolute blast while on your Australian working holiday, and you’re realising that one year down under simply is not enough! The good news is that many working holiday makers can extend their stay for a second year.

To apply for a second working holiday visa, first and foremost, you must be on a 417 visa, as opposed to a 462 visa. You can read about the differences here.

If you are a 417 visa holder and would like to extend your stay in Australia for a second year, you must, while you are within your first year, complete three months of specified work in regional Australia. Your work must be in one of the following industries:

  • plant and animal cultivation
  • fishing and pearling
  • tree farming and felling
  • mining
  • construction

This can include anything from painting buildings to picking fruit on a farm to breeding horses. Many of these jobs can be found on Harvest Trail, but also try asking around and searching the internet. Heaps of businesses are in need of employees! For more information about approved work and regional areas, visit the Australian immigration website.

You must work for three months (88 days), although this can be either in one block with one business or split up over time with multiple businesses.

After completing this work, you will need to provide evidence of specified work, which may be original or certified copies of:

  • payslips
  • group certificates
  • payment summaries
  • tax returns
  • employer references
  • a completed employment verification form signed by your employer
  • original Australian bank statement covering the period of declared specified work
  • this form

For further questions about extending your working holiday visa for a second year, please see the Australian immigration website. Good luck!

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  1. I’m Graduate a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management at in Aquinas University Legazpi City. And I want to work to Australia for Backpacker, Fruitpicker, Pick packing…

    • The best person to speak to about this would be the Australian Department of Immigration. You can find a contact form here. Hope that helps!

  2. Dears,
    I’m 31 yo, WHV, entered in OZ the 11 March 2016. Hence for the actual rules i can’t apply to extend for the second year (despite I’ve got the 3 month of farm job). But.. Could I apply under the new regulations since January 2017?? Is the new law valid even for whom entered Australia before January 2017??

    Thanks a million.. I’m struggling to figure it out!

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