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Your guide to finding a job in Australia in 2022

Australia has one of the best labor markets with numerous opportunities for job seekers. At the end of 2021, the country had approximately 13,242,000 employed people, representing a 0.5 increase from the previous year.

Over the last three years, the Covid 19 pandemic has adversely affected the job market in Australia and worldwide. As a result, organizations and companies had to lay off some employees or slash their salaries to deal with the harsh economic times. But now, countries are recovering, and the job market is slowly stabilizing. However, most job seekers still find it hard to secure employment opportunities. 

Are you looking for a job in Australia? We have tips to help you find your career path in Australia. But first, let’s explore the current in-demand jobs in Australia.

Which Jobs are in Demand in Australia?

The Australian job market has demanded skilled labor for the past few years. As the country’s economy improves post-covid, more employment opportunities are being created. Jobs high in demand in Australia include;

Health care and social assistance

The pandemic caught many healthcare systems unaware and unprepared. As a result, hospitals and medical facilities lacked enough capacity to deal with patient overflow. That’s why nursing and healthcare workers are currently high-in-demand in Australia. The average salary for a registered nurse in Australia is $75,000.

Software development

The Australian job market might need your services if you possess extensive programming language and software skills. The demand for software development skills can be linked to the growth and development of research and technology in Australia. A software developer in Australia makes up to $120,000 per year. 

Training and education

The Australian education system is one of the best worldwide for domestic and international students. This explains why most parents fly their children to Australia for studies. The more the student numbers surge, the more the demand for teachers rises. 

The average hourly salary for an Australian teacher is $46.07. So if you’re a teacher (especially in the high-demand subjects), there might be an opportunity in Australia.

Tips and Advice for Finding a Job in Australia in 2022

Applying for a job in Australia can be thrilling and brutal at the same time, especially if you’re unaware of the job requirements, regulations, and the Australian job market. Here are some expert tips to help you secure a place in the Australian job market.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

All employees in Australia are entitled to minimum pay, leaves, workplace safety, and health, among other things. You can find your rights and responsibilities on the fair work website.

Additionally, the Australian tax systems use a specific identification number known as the tax file number (TFN) for taxation. Therefore, you’ll have to apply for a TFN to avoid a 45% tax deduction from your income.


There are hundreds of jobs that aren’t advertised anywhere. So, how do you explore such jobs? It’s simple, build a strong network with people. 

You’ll get referrals and information about hiring companies by networking with numerous contacts. Therefore, it’s important to let your contacts know that you seek employment opportunities in Australia.

 Tailor Your Resume or Cover Letter

Your resume is an essential aspect of applying for any job. As you write and refine your cover letter, ensure it’s in line with the Australian standards. Keep it short, clear, concise, and according to Australian standards.

Do a follow-Up

Once you’ve submitted your application, keep checking the status of your application. If possible, call the companies to request your application status. This way, you won’t miss out on significant opportunities. 

If you dream of working in Australia, you have many reasons to follow your dream. The country offers numerous employment opportunities in nursing, teaching, technology, and more. When applying for a job in Australia in 2022, understand your rights and responsibilities. Also, network with people and tailor your resume to Australian standards. 

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