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What Is the Typical Format of Resumes/CVs in Australia?

Finding your dream job while in Australia on a working holiday can be competitive, and, often, your best chance at scoring a role is submitting an exceptional CV.

One of the many differences between Australia and your country of origin is the format of resumes. Here are a few tips for how to write an Australian CV:

1. If you’ve heard the advice that a resume should be limited to a page or two at most, don’t worry; Australian employers and recruiters do not expect you to condense your experience to as short of a resume as possible. Go into detail about your work experience, and highlight the responsibilities and accomplishments within each role.

2. You may be accustomed to explaining your experience in paragraphs, so remember that bullet points are standard in Australia. This will allow employers and recruiters to understand your qualifications more clearly and quickly.

3. Be sure to include your new contact details on your resume, including your address, mobile phone, and email. If you don’t already have an Australian mobile number, get one now so that companies can call you if they’re interested!

4. Photos are not recommended on Australian resumes. Here is a great post on why you should avoid including a photo on your resume.

5. As many companies are not known worldwide, include a short explanation of the companies you previously worked for.

6. Similarly, If your qualifications do not translate directly to Australia, explain them! For example, boasting that you had a near-4.0 grade point average in the U.S. won’t be impressive in Australia, where GPA is often on a 7-point scale! Some degree titles may also be meaningless in Australia.

Good luck! If you need help with your job search, don’t hesitate to contact recruitment company people2people at 02 8270 9700.

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