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How to leave your current job for a working holiday in 2023

Going on a working holiday is a great way to see the world without living off your savings. It’s an opportunity to experience another country, including its unique work culture and local experiences, broaden your horizons, and build your resume all at the same time. Many countries, like New Zealand, will gladly welcome adventurous professionals who are interested in spending a year working and exploring.

Planning your solo trip

Statistics indicate that at least 58% of millennials and 47% of older individuals have traveled solo. Many of these people have visited some of the best global destinations for solo travelers, including Darwin, Australia’s very own ‘Friend City,’ and the exhilarating sceneries in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. At this point, you’re likely wondering what …

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Why 2023 is the best time to visit Australia on a Working Holiday

Are you planning a working holiday but wondering where to visit? Look no further. Maybe you’re just an adventurer looking for the best sights, making new friends, accomplishing your goals, or simply looking for a change of scenery. One thing is certain: it can all be achieved during a working holiday. Living in Australia is …

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The pros and cons of leaving your job to travel

Leaving your job to travel the world isn’t nearly as scary as it might sound. For those craving an adventurous change of pace, it can be the best experience of their lives and lead to lasting life-long benefits. All it takes is the right frame of mind and preparation, and then you’ll be on your …

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How a recruitment agency can help with your working holiday in Australia

The working holiday visa program in Australia aims to accord young individuals an opportunity to enhance their work experience. If you are a professional looking to sharpen your skills, Australia has thousands of job opportunities you can exploit. Even so, the most common question is how to get a job with a working holiday visa in Australia.

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