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Cost-effective travelling in Australia in 2022

Are you planning a trip to Australia? You need methods to save money throughout your journey in this costly country. Here are some helpful tips and advice on getting the most out of your trip around Australia while cost-cutting. 

Cost Cutting On Your Plane Ticket
Do not wait until the last-minute rush. It will help to book your flight in advance to get the best discounts. Purchasing tickets 6 to 12 months in advance is usually less expensive than last-minute booking.

The cost of a ticket is also determined by the day of travel and the time of year you book. Is it during school vacations or weekends? Tickets usually are cheap throughout the week, early in the morning and late at night. You, therefore, need to be flexible with your day and time of travel to cut ticket costs.

Cutting Money Transfer Costs
You can employ the services of a particular firm, such as Wise or CurrencyFair if you want to transfer money with less charges. Compared to bank prices and changing rates, these companies will save you a lot of money. On a 1000 to 2000 dollars trip, you can save up to 50 dollars.

Cutting Local Transportation Costs
There are a few choices for getting across the country without buying a car. You can rent a car, share a ride with other passengers, take the bus, train, or even fly! To save money on gas, many travellers are offering rides. Some specialized websites such as and Facebook pages like Australia Rideshare exist.

Relocation is another option that allows you to travel quickly and cheaply from one point to another. Most automobile rental companies will enable you to transfer your vehicle from one location to another for a set period. You’ll have to pay for gas and a daily fee of $1 to $5 to relocate.

Cutting on Accommodation Costs
Don’t bother with hotels in Australia if you are on a budget. They are incredibly costly, especially if you plan a more extended trip. For a double room in a three to four-star hotel, the average nightly rate is between 160 and 250 dollars. Bed and breakfast rooms cost from 120 to 150 AUD.

Staying in Australian Hostels is the cheapest option. Private rooms cost between 60 and 70 AUD with a shared bathroom and 80 to 100 AUD with a private bath. Shared dorms range in price from $20 to $30 per night. If you plan to stay long-term, the cheapest option is house sitting.

Private housing in Australia is affordable and the best option if you’re travelling alone and want to stay in a real home with the locals. The cost varies considerably based on the area, kind of house or apartment, and amenities provided. On average, the price is comparable to a private room in a hostel.

Beachfront settings and villas with pools and other facilities cost more, about $200-250 per night. Airbnb is the ideal method to stay privately while travelling around Australia for short or long periods.

Cutting Costs on Food
In grocery stores and supermarkets, a 1.5-litre bottle of water costs 3,5 dollars. Buy the house brands of bottled water from Coles and Woolworths for less than $1 per bottle to save money on bottled water. Filtered tap water is also acceptable.

Dining in a restaurant costs roughly $40-$70. You can choose to dine for as little as $10 to $25 at shopping food malls, where you can choose from various freshly prepared food stalls. It is cost-effective at local food markets.

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