Exploring Australia

MONA Museum, Hobart, Tasmania

Australia Doesn’t Begin and End in Sydney: Hobart’s MONA Museum

Just as the U.S. doesn't begin and end in New York and the same for the United Kingdom and London, there is a lot to offer you on your working holiday outside of Sydney. Australia's...

West Is Best! Why You Should Explore Australia’s West Coast

East versus West: the age old rivalry. Many a battle has been fought in the name of these two opposing sides, and when it comes to Australia, the East Coast would certainly come out...

Sydney Happy Hours & Deals for Every Day of the Week

Australia is a great place to be over the summer months, as you can make the most of the great weather by enjoying a nice cold beer or wine after work in one of...

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I was born in Australia, and I have lived in Sydney virtually my whole life (a long time!). But recently, I had one of the most terrific experiences of my life. Being a resident...
Sydney working holiday

The Best Decision I Ever Made Wasn’t Part of the Plan

A 26-year-old journalism graduate who has found herself living a very different life to the one she first planned. After 12 months on the travelling trail and enough banana pancakes to last a lifetime, Jessica...

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