Don’t Forget About Brisbane!


I think Brisbane is often a city which is overlooked by tourists, when visiting Australia. It’s kind of like the younger sibling of a family. Everyone in the world knows Sydney. When travelling to Australia, Sydney is the place to visit.

But what about Brisbane?

• Brisbane is warmer than Sydney, with winter temperatures around 22-23 degrees Celsius on average, during the day.
• Brisbane is more casual than Sydney. Men in Brisbane rarely wear ties, where as a full suit and tie is quite often required in Sydney. Stockings barely exist for women!
• You’re allowed to hold Koalas when you visit the variety of Koala Sanctuaries in Queensland!
• Brisbane is relatively small. Everyone seems to know each other, in some capacity. It was really cool (for me) starting a life in Brisbane, not knowing anyone and within a couple of months, running into people I knew, all over the city.
• Life in Brisbane is cheaper!
• Life in Brisbane is also more laid back and it’s a lot easier to get around than Sydney.

When you come to Australia, try not to forget about Brisbane. It’s a laidback, warm and beachy environment, which I call my home.

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